Same-Sex Couple Adoptions

LGBT Adoption Attorney in Birmingham, Alabama

Same-Sex Adoption Attorney in Alabama

Exciting changes in Alabama law make adoptions possible for members of the LGBT community and same-sex married couples. If you and your partner are in a LGBT relationship and are looking to start a family through adoption or looking to adopt your spouse’s children, the Yeatts Law Firm in Birmingham, Alabama has the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure that you are able to give your love and care to children who need it.

Step-parent, Co-Parent, Second Parent Adoptions in Alabama

Step-parent, second parent or co-parent adoption is the legal process that allows a same-sex partner to adopt his or her spouse’s biological or adopted child without ending the first parent’s legal status as a parent. Second parent adoptions often involve two women who have decided to have a child together and one parent is the biological or adoptive “legal” parent and the other parent is the “second parent” or “co-parent” who has not established their parental rights. Male couples can also do this kind of adoption, in which one partner has already legally adopted a child as a single parent or has become a parent through an arrangement with a surrogate. Regardless of how the first parent’s parental rights were originally established, whether from a previous marriage, artificial insemination or prior adoption, it is in a same-sex couple’s best legal interests to establish the second parent’s parental rights as soon as possible.

Same-Sex Joint Adoption

When a married couple or legally recognized domestic partnership chooses to adopt a child together through an agency, or birth parents, it is considered a joint adoption or independent adoption. For more information about independent adoptions, please see our Independent / Private Adoptions page.




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