Divorce is never an easy process, especially with the usual stereotypes surrounding it. While some cases involve plenty of drama and huge sums of money, it doesn’t have to be this way. Today, there are very many avenues that a couple can take to ensure a smooth, seamless divorce. This has made it possible to conduct proceedings in a civilized manner. Options such as online divorce have made things more convenient for those who wish to avoid all the hassle involved with courtrooms. We have put together 3 reasons to hire a divorce attorney in Alabama as opposed to getting an online divorce.

Unfortunately, these platforms may prove highly inefficient when it comes down to dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s. There are more benefits of using an attorney to get a divorce in Alabama Vs Online divorce.

Thinking of Getting an Online Divorce in Alabama? This is why Divorce Attorney is better:

Offering the quickest and easiest way out, many married couples opt for online divorce only to regret their choice further down the line. This is especially more evident in couples who cannot afford an attorney due to low incomes. Most online divorce service providers use interview style questionnaires containing details of your situation and circumstances. After filling in the details and paying, the forms are then sent to be prepared as state-specific documents. After one or two days, the forms are mailed to you for signing and notarizing. If successful, it is unlikely that you will have to go to court. But if the process is so easy, why would you even need a Lawyer?

1. State Specific Nuances in the Law

  • Divorce procedures vary from state to state, each having its own unique approach. Although many online divorce websites offer forms that may cover all the states, there are always some nuances in the law for your resident state. This could significantly affect your ability to qualify for an online divorce; in fact, filing for one could cause more harm than good. Consulting with a leading divorce attorney in Alabama can save you lost time and money in the end.

2. Online Divorce Websites Just Deal with Paperwork

  • Online divorce services do not act as attorneys of the law. Their only task is to help you fill out your paperwork and file it correctly. Even still, this can be incredibly overwhelming for people with zero legal knowledge. Online platforms leave almost no room for communication and consultations. Hiring a reputable law firm in Alabama will give you a much clearer picture of the situation. You can ask your divorce attorney all the questions you want since they are always available for their clients. Online divorce services will not advise you on issues such as child custody, distribution of property or even arbitration.

3. Online Divorce is not always Out of Court

  • Contrary to popular belief, not all online divorce cases are solved out of court. If the Judge finds it imperative to speak to one or both sides after reading your forms, then a date has to be set and followed through. Cases that involve children or alimony often end up in a court of law. Hiring a divorce attorney in Alabama will ensure that all these nuances are predicted in advance to avoid any unexpected surprises.

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