For any couple, there’s no bigger joy than welcoming an additional member to the family. Unfortunately, not every couple will be able to conceive. Whether it’s because of medical issues or other problems, having a child becomes impossible. This is where adoption comes in to help orphaned kids to find loving and caring parents. With all the children in foster homes and streets, many couples opt to adopt a child instead of having their own. Whatever your reason is for adopting a child, it’s important to have experienced adoption attorneys to guide you. One particular aspect that Alabama couples have been asking about is independent adoption.

Procedure for Independent Adoption

In Alabama, the steps to effectively independently adopt a child can start with getting an adoption attorney. An adoption attorney is a lawyer that focuses on adoption related cases. The best attorneys understand how important it is to match you with your preferred child to complete your family. The process starts with the prospective parents looking for a birth mother that is willing to give her child for adoption.

The law in Alabama states that you need to be a minor to be adopted. If you are an adult and want to be adopted, you have to either be disabled, mentally depraved or provide written consent allowing it to be done.

Adoption Requirements

  • Be over 19 years of age
  • If married, marriage must be of at least 1 year duration
  • married couples must have one be a U.S. citizen
  • Have adequate housing & personal space for the adopted child or children
  • Be healthy enough to meet a child’s needs
  • Willing to complete a thorough background check which includes criminal history
  • The necessary documents must be brought forth, including the birth certificate of the child. Once all the documents are processed the agreement can be complete, the adoption process is all done. Furthermore, the consent of the adoptee’s mother and presumed father is a must. In Alabama, the adoptee must also provide their consent if they are above 14 years. This is done to promote a healthy family environment, of which choice is a crucial element.

Why you need an Adoption Attorney

The laws in Alabama are constantly changing and getting updated. The only people that will be consistently up-to-date with the latest legislation are the attorneys. The importance of having an adoption attorney comes in to help you understand the most recent amendments to the law. They will guide you through the necessary steps that are needed to complete the adoption process legally.

Since this area is our specialty, our attorneys will have extensive knowledge on all adoption matters. The adoption attorney will be able to inform you of all the requirements and documents needed to complete this process successfully. All the necessary information regarding who can be an adoptee and who can adopt can be obtained from the adoption attorney. They can even help you in finding the right birth mother that is willing to give out their children for adoption. All of this makes the attainment of an adoption attorney very crucial as you will not be able to complete the adoption process without one.


The importance of an adoption attorney is not to be overlooked. The laws that navigate this issue are numerous. You will not be able to encompass all of them on your own. For this very reason, the need to get someone that has specialized their time and effort into learning such laws is crucial. The adoption attorney will provide you with all the information necessary and additionally guide you through steps that will help you. Keep in mind that if you require the adoption of a child, then hasten your way to get yourself an adoption attorney as soon as possible. You will not only be saved from committing any mistakes that will render you punishable by law but also complete all the required steps without a hitch.