Before getting started with a divorce process, it is important to understand the lay of the land. As a non-lawyer, you may not know what some things mean and what some actions imply. There are many issues involved in a divorce and the questions you ask will help give you an understanding of the attorney’s competence in regards to divorce cases.

Below is a list of the questions you need to ask:

1. Are you a specialist in divorce?

A divorce lawyer in Birmingham may be a general family lawyer who handles divorce cases from time to time. If they are not focused specifically on your case, then you need to move along to the next candidate. You need someone who has been handling your type of case on a consistent basis, because this frequent exposure allows them to understand the many aspects of the rules and regulations of a divorce.

2. How long will my case last?

Divorces usually have a big effect on all the parties. There can be a lot of drama involved, and a lot of time is spent poring over documents in order to make decisions. Hire the divorce attorney who can help settle matters and will not drag the case on.

3. How much will this cost me?

There is a difference between using a cheap attorney and one that charges a higher rate. In the long run a cheap attorney can actually cost you more. A lot of times cheap attorneys do the bare minimums to get the divorce taken care of and their clients can be left dealing with the poor results for the rest of their life.

4. How do you get paid?

Some lawyers will ask to be paid an initial retainer for the duration of the case. Others will charge by the hour. Here, you need to go with what works for you. Knowing this aspect of your case helps you budget for the money you have. Engage your attorney about the flexibility of their charging system so that you may plan accordingly. If there are other people brought into your case, ask how much of the money goes to them and have the lawyer tell you about their role in the whole process.

5. How strong do you think my case is?

At times, you are never too sure whether a judge will rule in your favor. A good attorney can usually gauge what the end result may be and help you formulate a strategy to end up in the best position.

6. How will this case affect my tax position?

Great lawyers understand the effects of divorce on the tax deductions of the parties involved. They are able to break down the complicated language of tax law into simple explanations you can understand. Everything from how you divide business assets to the implications of child custody can be clarified by the lawyer.

7. How will my children be effected?

In many cases for divorce children can be the ones who get hurt most. The best attorney will be able to advise you on the different scenarios that could take place regarding your kids.

Finding a great divorce lawyer in Birmingham can take some time, but the perfect candidate should be able to answer the tough questions surrounding your case confidently and correctly.