When divorce is imminent, it is best to be prepared. A comprehensive Alabama pre-divorce checklist will help you to compile relevant documents that will allow your lawyer to handle your case in an expeditious manner the following:

A pre-divorce checklist includes:

  • Tax and Income Information
    1. Income tax returns prior to filing for divorce.
    2. Fiduciary tax returns before the filing for divorce.
    3. Proof of both spouse’s current incomes.
    4. Employment contracts
    5. All documents showing either of the spouses being either partially or totally disabled or legally limited to work.
  • Current Assets and Debts
    1. Up-to-date certificates of deposit statements
    2. Current copies of pension statements
    3. 12 months’ worth of bank statements
    4. Individual retirement accounts
    5. All lump sum payouts and their documentation
    6. Copies of share certificates
    7. Credit card reward statements
    8. Copies of outstanding bills not reflected in the credit statements
    9. List of personal property
    10. List of your children’s current care providers; physicians, therapists, dentist, etc.
  • Home Related Information
    1. Copies of all outstanding mortgages, and lines of credit, and income properties
    2. All the copies of all outstanding utility bills.
    3. The previous year real estate tax bill for all properties mentioned
    4. Homeowners insurance policies
    5. Any documentation that reflects the legal description of any real estate where you have an ownership interest.
  • Prior Legal and Estate Planning Documentation
    1. For spouses who had previously married, copies of previous marital settlement agreements and judgment.
    2. Copies of prenuptial, post-nuptials, and other marital property agreements
    3. Current last will
    4. Current declaration to physicians concerning living wills
    5. Copies of any trust where a party is a trustee.
    6. General Power of Attorney

Understand that you are not alone. Over 60% of first time marriages in the United States end in divorce. When approaching divorce, obtain a good understanding of what you will experience through the process. Bear in mind that the more amicable your relationship is prior to and during a divorce then the less likely the emotional and financial burdens caused by an ending marriage will drain you.

Divorce can turn out to be a fierce battle that involves much more than your children. So ensure you take steps to protect your interests as well. From the documentation that relate to your finances, bank records, credit card statements, mortgages, loans, and retirement statements. All these serve as proof to prove your respective incomes.

Gather documentation and information to support the statements you have mentioned in your divorce case. Line up witnesses to testify about your positive attributes such as your parenting skills. Also gather proof to explain any situation your spouse might use against you.

When couples take the final step in the divorce process, having and understanding of their finances will help them make intelligent decisions regarding their future life. Finding the right divorce attorney will also provide a huge benefit as they will be able to guide you through the process.